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Partnership with Evenio

Evenio is an international meeting and Event Management company that delivers events for pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Evenio is specialised in pharmaceutical Investigator Meetings delivery. We take care of all the details from start to finish in order to provide a fulfilling meeting experience for investigators and industry to network and share knowledge.

Evenio ensures your meeting meets its objectives, provides results and a return on your investment. We are Europe-based with a global mindset.


A reference from our recent client:

You did a great job! I would always recommend you as event management for an investigator meeting. Excellent planning that meets also very specific client requirements, the meeting itself went very smooth and all attendees felt very comfortable, investigators and client, and of course the CRO team. With your careful planning, organization and finally conduct of the meeting, you have reduced significantly my workload. Also important: I could rely on the quality of your performance.”

-Project Manager-

sari.jagielski@evenio.fi  | petra.vairimaa@evenio.fi