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Eventsi is an event and project management company, founded year 2016.

The founder and owner Petra Vairimaa has her background in cultural and social anthropology, business administration, cultural heritage and museum studies and has 18 years of experience in international Business Environment from small to large scale companies.

Eventsi designs and manages different sized meetings from small to complex ones. In the cultural heritage sector Eventsi has experience in collection administration and exhibition planning, digital content creation as well as guidance work in museums. Guided walks and content creation for heritage routes are Eventsi’s speciality area.


  • Eventsi aims to create value that foster success around it
  • Eventsi aims to create material and immaterial value to customers
  • Eventsi aims to keep environmental aspects present in all decision making and has made a commitment to strive towards promoting sustainable development in our work and operations. We challenge everybody to join in – from companies and communities to private individuals and public administration. Read more: Eventsis commitment & #Commitment2050




  • Petra Vairimaa is a member of the ICOM – International Council of Museums

“The mission of The Finnish National Committee of ICOM is to promote the professional cooperation between members active in the museum field and to offer possibilities of following the international development of the branch.”


Let’s work together!

Petra Vairimaa

email: petra.vairimaa@eventsi.fi

Phone: +358 (0)50 5600 333 (EET Timezone)

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